Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting Closer

I'm getting close to my due date now... only 10 days away. Surprisingly I'm still pretty relaxed. Mainly just waiting to see how this is going to unfold. I keep thinking that I will go into labor in the middle of the night and have to call all the ladies who will be in on the big event. To me that is stressful, I really hate to talk on the phone and two I would be waking people up. I know they are not going to care and will probably be excited but the thought of calling people in the middle of the night still kind of freaks me out. I have been having irregular contractions through out the day. They will come for a little and then go away. I keep thinking that it means nothing, I did have irregular contractions with Madison but never had them regular until I was induced. I'm trying to think of this as an experience of it's own and try not to compare it to my pregnancy with Madison but it's been hard.

My next appointment is on August 24th the day before my due date. I know that I will be given the option to have my membranes stripped that day and the doctor will also be discussing induction that day too. I still haven't completely decided what to do yet. My friend from church who will be going to the hospital when I go into labor keeps reminding that God timing will be perfect, it's in his hands and he has a plan. I believe that and also question that seeing that it didn't happen on it's own with Madison. I'm going to talk with her this week and see what her opinion is, sometimes hearing what other people think make me realize what my opinion clear even when it doesn't match theirs. As of right now I'm thinking I might have my membranes stripped on the August 24th and talk about doing the induction around September 7th or 8th. Yep, that is going into 42 weeks but I'm willing to wait to see if it happens on it's own. I went to 41 weeks with Madison so I could make it one more week. In the end the wait will be worth it when I'm holding my lil girl. When I see my daughter holding her little sissy.... it will be totally worth the wait, no matter how long the wait.