Sunday, August 23, 2009

Appointment Tomorrow

I have an appointment tomorrow with my ob. I'm looking forward to the appointment to see if anything has changed in the last two weeks. At my last appointment I was told I was 2-3 cm and 25% effaced. Last week I walked a lot and cleaned a lot....... that had to do something, right? I'll find out tomorrow. I still can't believe that I'm going to the appointment tomorrow, I really thought I would have had the baby by now. My plan is to go to the appointment tomorrow and I have already decided that I'm having my membranes stripped. It's not going to hurt anything to try and there a chance it will do nothing. After my appointment I'm thinking I will walk. Of course I if my doctor recommends it since my feet are so swollen right now. Ouchie! Today that look horrible.

I'm questioning the name again. Yet I can't say that I have a name I really like but I don't feel like the name we have choosen is right. I have talked to my hubby around it and he has told me that I can decide what to name her after she is born. Whatever I decide he says will be fine. It seems so weird because I am the one who insisted on picking the name before he left and now I'm the one who is talking about using something new. We will see what happens when this little one finally arrives. I know that she will be here in about fourteen days or less for sure now. I'm ready....... really I am! Maddie asks me everyday if she will come today. I don't know honey, she will be here when she is ready to be... when God's ready. {It's taking a long time.} I am very much looking forward to meeting this little one and more so looking forward to Maddie becoming a big sister. I'm also looking forward to us reuniting with Paul. It will be so nice to have our family together again with our newest member.