Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chatting with My Honey

Paul was able to get online this morning so we could IM each other. We both had our web cams working too which made it nice even if I couldn't hear him talk it was nice to see him. I asked him if he could take a picture of himself for Madison since she is at school. Two days ago she was crying and really upset, "What does Daddy look like now? What if he doesn't look like Daddy?" I told her he looks the same and that I would see if he could send her a picture. So hopefully she will feel better when she sees this picture of Daddy and he looks like DADDY!
On another note...... this morning I when into Maddie's room to wake her up. I called her name a few times and rubbed her back and she didn't really want to get up. I pulled her blanket down a little and I see a strand of hair..... it kind of looks like Babie hair. (Last night when I was tucking her in she told me she held up one of her dolls and said she wanted to get rid of that doll cause her hair was yucky. I said we will do it in the morning.) Then I start to pull the blanket down more and I fine more hair... and more hair.... and some on the floor. YEP.... this is her hair. I'm then yell at her to wake up, "what is all this hair all over? DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR LAST NIGHT?" I'm furious and crying...... why did you do that.... why? I put her in the tub and wash her hair since it was a rats nest........ more hair was coming out. And I'm still bawling my eyes out. "Your hair, your beautiful hair........" Since her hair was pretty long it doesn't seem to be really all that noticeable. I ask her again why she cut it and she tells me.. "Because there is a knot in it." Right now I debating about getting it cut shorter to help blend it a little. I still really don't know how bad it looks since it was wet when she left this morning. I will find out soon.