Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seven Weeks and Counting

Seven weeks to go until I meet my little Delana! (Yep, we are keeping the name.) My countdown tells me I have 49 days until my due date. The end is in sight now... I will be holding my little Laney Bug before I know it. Which makes me start thinging about my mental checklist:

Do I have the phone numbers I will need on my cell (birthing coaches and babysitters) and a list a home? NOPE. I do have to numbers laying here and there. I keep thinking that I NEED to put them on my cell. And keep the cell charged. You know just in case I have to call one of them. It would really suck if I had to call when I'm out and I didn't have their numbers.

Do I have a bag packed or slightly packed to bring to the hospital? NOPE. I did buy a bag to bring to the hospital since the only smaller bag is with Paul. I have a mental list of what I need to pack. I'm thinking that maybe I will do some packing today. (I have the diaper bag packed.)

Do I have what I need at home for when we come home? YES! I actually am prepared in this area.

  • All baby blankets, burp clothes, towels, and clothes 0-3 months are washed and put away.
  • I have diapers and wipes. I even have one package of newborn since we didn't buy newborn for Madison because I thought she would be to big for them. Come to find out she needed them so we had to stop at Walmart after we left the hospital.
  • I'm nursing so I do not need fomula. I do have bottles in case I want to pump and store milk. I also have a Boppy pillow because I found that it was a lifesaver with Madison. Plus it will come in handy when Maddie wants to hold Delana.
  • I have a cradle in my room. I think that I'm going to be very grateful for that cradle. I also picked up a travel Boppy swing that I'm thinking I will keep in my room. Plus it's little enough I can move it around the house if I need it in another room.

I'm pretty sure that's all I need for once I get home. I have been thinking about home more than the hospital and the labor/delivery. The labor and delivery part is scary to think about. I don't know what will happen and that is as scary as it gets. I was induced at 41 weeks with Madison. I was in labor for about seven hours and then was told the baby's heartrate was dropping and they needed to do a c-section. They said they would do it then or we could wait awhile but then it would be an emergency e-section. We didn't want an emergency section so we opted to do it then. I was so disappointment that I didn't get my natural birth. I was so frustrated that I had to be cut open and now I would have a huge scar and a lot of pain. I had a hard time nursing so that added to my frustration. I was in pain, sleep deprived, frustrated and completely disappointed in myself. The first weeks were completely a blur to me, I just remembered crying so much!

I'm worried that I will get a repeat of that experience. I'm praying that I have a better experience. Especially since I will not have my husband there to take care of the baby when I need at break. And well to take care of me. He was a big motivation for me to keep nursing, I wanted to stop and he kept me going! I'm praying for an easy labor, that Delana will come as close to natural as possible and be healthy. I want to avoid a c-section at all cost but know that it might not be possible.

I'm not going to dwell on what labor and delivery might be like, I know that God has it all worked out. What I'm thinking about is Delana. I often wonder what she is doing and how she looks all squished up in there. Laney probably weighs around 4.5 pounds and is 19 inches long. My weekly email for this weeks tells how fair skin babies are often born with blue eyes though it maybe not be their final eye color. I'm fairly certain that Delana will have blue eyes since I have blue eyes, Paul has blue eyes, and Maddie also has blue eyes. I'm wondering what color her hair will be. My ultrasound showed that she does have hair! I wonder if it will be black hair like Maddie. Maddie was born with a full head of thick black hair that fell out and grow back blonde. Which was really funny to me because I when I thought about what she would look like I thought she would have brown hair and it turned blonde. I'm excited to see what she looks like, soon I will know.