Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28 Days

I'm down to about four weeks to due date. What is kind of funny is that the last trimester has actually been the best part of the whole pregnancy. I feel better now in the last trimester than I did in the first or second. I'm not sick or tired. Surprisingly I have lots of energy and honestly I don't feel pregnant. I know I'm bigger but I feel really good. At the end of the day I sometimes have a harder time get up off the couch but it doesn't compare to the way I was with Maddie. I remember having to have Paul help me up all the time, he tied my shoes the last few months too. I can tie my shoes and paint my toes, I love it. I feel so good... I'm really amazed!



The past few days I have felt kind of yucky... almost like I'm going to start my period. I read that it can be a sign that labor is close. I really don't think I'm super close but closer. I'm thinking that I will go sometime between the 10th and 16th. ( I know you don't like to here that Jane, so I will say 13th to 16th for you.) We will see, the 10th, 11th... on to the 16th might come and go without a baby and I will probably think~"What, where is this baby?" I was really hoping to go over so that the baby would still be as close to newborn as possible so my hubby wouldn't miss out but it's so not going to hope so I just want a baby as soon as possible. I can have the baby and get a routine worked out so it will be easier for us to adjust once he is home. I'm looking forward to homecoming. It's really going to be special, a real teak jerker. Just thinking about it gets me a little teary. Soon it will be time daddy to meet his girl but not yet... soon! We will be together soon but not soon enough..... everyday that passes is one day closer.


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