Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gotta Love It

Maddie and I were waiting in line to pay for shoes today. We are standing at the counter while the lady is checking us out and I hear, "Oh my god... look at that... she's gorgeous like a little doll." I'm thinking, what?? The lady leans toward Madison, "Oh my gosh you are just the cutest little doll I have ever seen. AND look at those eyes. Do you look like your mom or dad?" Madison says "I look just like my mom but I have my dad's smile!" Then the lady ask me if I'm working on my third or fourth kid. LOL... I was like this is my second, I finally got brave enough to have another one after five years. "It's a little boy, that will be nice." I have been hearing this for a month now..... oh you are having a boy! "Actually it's a little girl, we had four ultrasounds saying it's a girl..... IT'S A GIRL! I would be MAD if it was a boy.... I have a ton of girl clothes and a girly nursery." Not to mention I'm excited about having two little girls :) I have been having everyone commenting that we are having a boy, even people that I told it was a girl keep saying... it's a boy right? Ahhh nope, girl. A few people have actually questioned me like I really don't know, "Are you sure?" I'm actually very sure, four ultrasounds showing girl parts, boy parts are not going to appear magically.