Saturday, July 18, 2009

Appointment Update for 34 weeks

The appointment went well. My op report came back, I had a c-section with a low transverse incision with Madison, so that means I meet all the criteria for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). I signed the consent form while I was at the appointment. I said was was going to try to attempt a trail of labor instead of a repeat c-section. I really want to try. I know that it would probably be easier if I had the repeat cesarean vesus being in labor a few hours then having to have a cesarean. I really want to try. I know there is a chance that it will not work but I can at least say I tried. I'm taking a small risk and praying that God will be with me and the baby no matter how it works out.

I was leaking some fluid and the doctor wanted to check it to make sure it wasn't amniotic fluid, it wasn't. She also did an ultrasound to check and see how much fluid I had, "a lot" is what she said so that's good. When she was doing the ultrasound she pointed out all the body parts to Maddie. Delana was head down, yay! I assumed that since I can already feel the pressure of her little head pushing on my cervic. I mentioned that concern to the doctor because I was having a lot of pressure down there and she said it's good. Yep, that's what I was thinking. Then of course on to the really serious stuff. She said that I could have my membrains scrapped at my next appointment to try to get things rolling. That would be Aug 7th. YIKES! I asked how long I could go without having to have anything done... right up to 41-42 weeks. I could be incuded with pitocin which is very scary to me. I was incuded with Maddie at 41 weeks and 1 day and they used pitocin. Ouch! All I can say is if I have to do it again I will get the epi.

I didn't write about the appointment yesterday because I was freaking out a little about the above. I can't discuss any of it will my husband. I did tell him the whole speal and he said he was praying for me. I wish I had someone to discuss all the choices with and decide what is the best course of action. In a sense I do.... God. I'm leaving it all in your hands. There's not much I can do expect pray, so that's what I'll do. It's crazy to think that in three short weeks I could be so close to having my little girl here. (Deep breath.) I'm going to do a little research on scrapping membrains, I know what it is and I'm going to see if it seems to be successful and how long it takes to work if it's going to work. I feel like I need to be educated on things that I might have to do. So soon you will be seeing "Delana has arrived"... probably later rather than sooner.


Jane Ann said...

UM... I will not be home until the 12th.... NO BABY BEFORE THE 12TH afternoon! GOT IT! LOL.... In all seriousness though I do not think that scarping the membrains is a bad Idea it is not a medical intervention just iritating the cervix to get things going... the same thing Sex late in Pregnancy can do. I would avoid Pitocin if at all possible or until 42 weeks if that is as long as you can wait. Pitocin often stresses the baby out and causes the heart rate to dip... and then that freaks the doc out and you have a c-section pretty much what happened with Maddie if I remember correctly. MANY of my friends who have had C-sections were induced.... Hope that helps! breathe easy! I bet we have a baby in a month of 5 weeks at the longest!! I am always here if you want to run your thoughts through me!

~Stephanie~ said...

YES that is exactly what happened with Madison. I was induced with Pitocin.... which I believe stressed her out, which caused her heart rate to drop.... the doctors freaked and said I needed a c-section. I watched Ricki Lake, The Business Of Being Born. I was like I was watching my birth story on the video. I told Allison about the doctor saying she would scrap my membranes at the next appointment. She was like why? I'm kind of thinking the same thing. I believe God has the timing planned out. I'm just waiting to see what happens. If she's not have by 42 weeks I will have a c-section then. I really want to stay away from pitocin because I believe if I'm induced with it I will end up having another c-section. So right now I'm thinking I will plan for a c-section at 42 weeks instead of being induced if it comes to that choice.