Friday, July 31, 2009

Adventure of Motherhood

It's Friday and the first week of 1st grade is over! It went very good. Maddie likes her teacher at lot. She really hasn't told me what she does in class. I did discover that they still use touch bumps.... anyone else remember those? It's embarassing to admit but I still catch myself using them. Yep it suck with me! The other thing I managed to find out is that they play on the "big top" as Maddie calls it. I believe that it is really called "black top." According to Maddie today was the best day every... she got to ride the bus home. There is a bus stop right down the road from our house so she is going to ride the bus to school and home. Monday will be her first day riding in the morning. Today was her first day riding at night. I actually went to school and showed her what she will be doing on Monday after class. She got on the bus and I drove over to the bus stop. I was waiting there and the bus wasn't there at the time the schedule says they drop off. I was started to freak out a little. I was about to call and make sure I was at the right place. I was praying the bus would come over the hill with my little girl. I looked up and there it was...... ahhh. She got off and was so excited! Oh my gosh my baby is growing up and it's scary (and exciting).

* I had to post a couple more belly pics so I can remember how the belly looked and so Paul can see too.


Jane Ann said...

You have a BUS!!! NO fair!!!! why is there a bus that takes her 3 blocks??? My kids would LOVE to ride a bus!! That will come in handy once Laney is here!!