Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Tradition~ Christmas Tree

What did I want most for Christmas (besides my husband)? A really Christmas tree! In the eight years Paul and I have been together we have always had an artifical tree. Last year when we were putting the tree away I said, " Honey do you realize that we have had this tree since our first Christmas together? I really think we should get rid of the artifical tree so that next year we have to get a real one." We donated the artifical tree because it was still in pretty good shape.
Ever year we put up our tree on Thanksgiving night and decorate it that night and finish it the next night. However this year we bought the tree on the day after Thanksgiving. We ended up getting a 9-10 foot Fraiser fir. I love it! I finally got my REAL TREE! We are not decorating it tonight but I will post those picture after it's decorated.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving~ A little color on a gloomy day!

We had many things to be thankful for this year. The thing we are most thankful for is being together as a family this Thanksgiving. I'm also thankful for all the friends we have made in the year (plus a couple months) we have been here. As we were leaving my friends house I spotted a double rainbow. The rainbow made me think about the past and how much God was with me even in the times didn't feel it. He was there and he is with me and he cares about all the details in my life. Even the little ones.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Picking up my Honey and the Thanksgiving play

I didn't sleep well at all last night. Between the pouring rain and thinking about picking up Paul in the morning I couldn't stay asleep for more than an hour or two at a time. I got Madison to school at the same time I always do but the teacher took them in early this morning so I left to pick Paul up a little before I had planned to leave. I got to the base and found a parking spot, I called his cell phone to let him know I was there but no answer. I sat in the truck waiting all the people walking across the bridge wondering if it was him. I had asked him to wear his uniform to school, because it was supposed to be the first time we were going to see him. He told me he was going to wear it. So I sat in the truck watching all the people, looking for all khaki uniforms. As I was watching I seen someone in all black and a white hat..... I was thinking, "I don't think they are wearing the right cover for this time of year." (note: I don't know all the uniform rules) A few seconds Paul calls me " I'm ready for you to come and get me." I said "I'm already he waiting for you in the parking lot, where are you and what are you wearing?" " I'm in the parking lot, I'm wearing my dress blues," he said. "Oh. I see you turn. Walk toward the yellow poles behind you." He came over the truck we hugged and got in so we start on our way the school for Madison's Thanksgiving play. I said "I seen you when you walked across the bridge in your white hat.......... I was thinking, man I think that person doesn't have the right cover on." Of course I was wrong! (first time for everything)
We were a little early to go to the school so we stopped and got a drink at Starbucks. We got to school and Madison was so excited to see Paul even though she had seen him the night before. I met my friend's husband who was also on the ship and Paul met his wife and sons. Madison's class sang I'm a Little Scarecrow, so cute! Every kindergarten class sang their own song and they sang a few all together.
Madison wanted to eat at home for lunch so we had sandwiches for lunch. After lunch Madison wanted to bring Daddy to the frozen yogurt place. We went out and got it and came back to spend sometime at home. The door rang shortly after we got home and I went to get it. There sat a boquet of roses. The delivery man heard the door and came back to have me sign for them. Awe..........thanks honey! Yep he still has the element to surprise me!
Since this was Paul's first night home I arranged a babysit for the night so Paul and I could have the night alone. We dropped her off at the babysitters at five. Our first stop was dinner, we ate at Fridda's Mexican Restaurant. The food was so good. Then we had the idea to go buy Paul cologne that he wore when we first met and he had ran out of before he left. When we walked out of the restaurant it was raining so we put up the umbrelle and started walking toward the store we were going to but it started down pouring, the side walks were flooding and we were walking in huge puddles. By the time we got the cologne and got home we were drenched. The night only got better as it went by.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The USS Ronald Reagan is HOME

The Reagan pulled in this morning. Paul had informed me earlier that he would not be able to get off the ship today because he had duty. However he emailed me this morning saying that he might be able to get off the ship to have dinner with us. I'm pretty excited about this because I'm thinking that he will try to surprise us by saying it's for dinner but then say he can come home. He said he would call once he was off watch around one thirty or so. He call me at two o'clock the say that he would talk with the boss and see if he could get off for a few hours. He called me back in about fifteen minutes saying we could pick him up at five. So we put up some decorations in case he was really coming home tonight and I told Maddie that we could go for a ride and see the ship. We got in the truck and started driving and I was feeling a little nervous, my hands were sweating. I was thinking if he would already be out waiting for us and I was wondering how I would feel once I seen him. As we drove into the parking lot Maddie was like, "I'm glad we get to see the ship, too bad we couldn't see Daddy." At that moment I seen where Paul was standing. Madison didn't see him so I rolled down the windows as I was about to him and said to Madison "Maybe we should ask this guy if he knows your dad." Then she looked out the window and seen him, "Ohhhh.....It's dadddyyyyy!" I quickly grabbed my camera and took a pic of their first kiss. Then I handed Madison the camera to take a couple pictures of Mommy and Daddy. Few some kisses and hugs Paul gave us some gifts that he got while he was gone and then we when to fine some a place to eat dinner. We ended up eating at a dinner in Coronado. After dinner we headed back to the ship to drop Paul back off because he really had to stay and work. I was so pissed! Really....... I know I should have been happy to get to see him that night but he had to go into the ship a day and a half before all the other guys that were working that day. So we didn't get to spend the last day they were home together and now he couldn't come home the first day we was back. I felt like I was being gipped. I thought we should spend more time together that night so I decided we should watch a movie in the back of the truck. I climbed in back of the truck and started folding down the seats, checked to make sure we had a movie in the truck. The only movie that we had was the movie in the player, Racing Stripes. We got some snacks from the vending machines before we started the movie. We finished the movie and we head home.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The End is Near

almost home Pictures, Images and Photos

The end of a six month deployment is now near. I'm so excited that he will be home soon. I have been having a hard time sleeping at night because I'm so excited. This week is going to be an exciting week, there is so much to be THANKFUL for. I will be posting later this week to let you all know how the week has gone.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Verteran's Day~ Thank You For Your Service

Thank you for your service to your country, we will remember all you have done for your country and the people living in it.
Paul and Madison in the Memorial Day Parade in 2007
My Grandpa........... I have to send out his card tomorrow, opps!

veterans day Pictures, Images and Photos

I seen this picture on photobucket and it made me cry. Thank you, Sir!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Delivery......

After six months I finally get flowers!

BUT WAIT........


Friday, November 7, 2008

Do you need an excuse for school?

I had an appointment today at the orthodontist, my teeth are looking great! I was thinking the wire they were putting on today was the last wire that would be stretching them. It's not, one more after this one. I'm so excited, it can't wait until the gaps close. As you can see in the first picture here there are some big gaps, at least in my opinion. The best part of the day was when I went to book my next appointment and got a new receptionist, she asked me "do you need a excuse for school?" I was thinking yes, that means I look young, right? Twelve weeks until my next appointment.

Hair: Before and After

I had my hair cut about a week and a half ago. I asked about getting it colored too but they didn't do hair color first thing in the morning. So I had to make an appointment to have it colored. I got it done today and I love it but I will take some time to be completely used to.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Loose Tooth Number Two~ GONE

Madison's loose tooth was bothering her so I told her that she could eat an apple and it would come out when she bit into it. After thinking about it for a few hours she said that she would like to try it. I gave her and apple and watched as she attempted to bit the apple, only thing was she wasn't biting with the lose tooth. I told her that if she wanted the tooth to come out she would have to bit the apple using that tooth. "Here I'll hold the apple and take a bit. Make sure to bit hard." I held the apple she bit it and I gave it a little extra push. "Ow, ow that hurts." I didn't think the teeth came out so I said let me see. "It's gone. Look your tooth is right here in the apple." Now the tooth fairy will have to pay you a stop.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Madison and the pink obsession