Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The USS Ronald Reagan is HOME

The Reagan pulled in this morning. Paul had informed me earlier that he would not be able to get off the ship today because he had duty. However he emailed me this morning saying that he might be able to get off the ship to have dinner with us. I'm pretty excited about this because I'm thinking that he will try to surprise us by saying it's for dinner but then say he can come home. He said he would call once he was off watch around one thirty or so. He call me at two o'clock the say that he would talk with the boss and see if he could get off for a few hours. He called me back in about fifteen minutes saying we could pick him up at five. So we put up some decorations in case he was really coming home tonight and I told Maddie that we could go for a ride and see the ship. We got in the truck and started driving and I was feeling a little nervous, my hands were sweating. I was thinking if he would already be out waiting for us and I was wondering how I would feel once I seen him. As we drove into the parking lot Maddie was like, "I'm glad we get to see the ship, too bad we couldn't see Daddy." At that moment I seen where Paul was standing. Madison didn't see him so I rolled down the windows as I was about to him and said to Madison "Maybe we should ask this guy if he knows your dad." Then she looked out the window and seen him, "Ohhhh.....It's dadddyyyyy!" I quickly grabbed my camera and took a pic of their first kiss. Then I handed Madison the camera to take a couple pictures of Mommy and Daddy. Few some kisses and hugs Paul gave us some gifts that he got while he was gone and then we when to fine some a place to eat dinner. We ended up eating at a dinner in Coronado. After dinner we headed back to the ship to drop Paul back off because he really had to stay and work. I was so pissed! Really....... I know I should have been happy to get to see him that night but he had to go into the ship a day and a half before all the other guys that were working that day. So we didn't get to spend the last day they were home together and now he couldn't come home the first day we was back. I felt like I was being gipped. I thought we should spend more time together that night so I decided we should watch a movie in the back of the truck. I climbed in back of the truck and started folding down the seats, checked to make sure we had a movie in the truck. The only movie that we had was the movie in the player, Racing Stripes. We got some snacks from the vending machines before we started the movie. We finished the movie and we head home.