Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maddie' Hair Cut

Madison's hair is a long and tangled. It has been stressful getting her ready in the mornings since Delana is nursing when we are getting her ready for school. I have been brushing her tangled her with one hand which she has not complained about. Plus she has a few added layers of hair since she decided to cut it herself awhile ago. I decided yesterday morning that we needed to get it trimmed. I told her she could have it the same way it was but it just needed to be cut a little so it wouldn't be so tangled. She said that was fine. I brought her to get her hair cut after school and she said she wanted to get it cut like mine. I will be getting my hair cut again next week. I said that's fine but if you decide you don't like it you can't put the hair back on, alright? Yep! So here is the new do.
Air Dry

Madison's Hair Straightened


Anonymous said...

I love the before and after shots of this hair style, just shows how straightening irons can really transform your hair. How did you get it to straighten so beautifully? I just can't get mine to look good even with a pair of ghd straighteners, however I have mastered the art of curling with them lol!

~Stephanie~ said...

I have a FHI straightener which is way better than the cheaper one. I take the hair and do it in sections, it seems to be easiest that way and it looks good when I'm finished. No product either, not even when I do my own hair.