Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser~ Getting on the Ban Wagon

Madison and I watched the Biggest Loser tonight, we have watched the other seasons together too. I recorded the second hour so we could watch it together on Thursday night or tomorrow after school. I'm excited for this season because I know that I can now begin my own weight loss journey. I'm no longer pregnant so I can lose weight. I'm nursing so I will have to make sure that I'm still eating enough and don't over do it. While I was still pregnant I ran some numbers. If I lose ONLY a pound for the next year I will be at the exact weight I was when I met Paul, which wasn't super skinny but I felt good at that weight. I would be twenty pounds over my ideal weight, the hight side of the ideal weight. My ideal weight according to Weight Watchers is 117 to 146 pounds. Quit honestly I think I might look sick if I weighed 117 pounds, but who knows. If I lost one and a half pounds over the next year I would reach my goal weight according to me and also be in my ideal weight range.

Now the qestion comes....... how will I achieve this goal? Since I am not even three weeks postpartum I don't want to over due it so WALKING! I'm going to start out by just walking Madison to school. Walking her to school is about a mile and a half. I'm also going to do Weight Watchers online. I will add to the workouts a little at a time, working up tothree or four mile walks. I will also throw in some workouts on the ellipitical trainer and strenght trainning. I will test this out and make adjustments as needed. Here I go..... at this time next I will be at my goal!