Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mini Makeover for Madison's Room

Yesterday was Paul's last day on vacation. Paul brought Maddie to school and then we went to Starbucks for coffee. We sat outside on the patio as we had our coffee and homemade carrot cake (I finally made his favorite cake). After a little time alone it was time to get to work. I had planned on giving Madison's room a makeover while Paul was on leave but I thought we would get to it before the last day of vacation. We went home cleaned up her room, as you can see it was a mess. My idea was to give her a room that she really likes and wants to keep clean. To have an organized space so it will be easier to take care of stuff.

We move her bed in front of the window which stresses me out a little because she didn't have a headboard on her bed. I'm afraid that she would be playing and fall out the window. Yes, I worry too much. So I told Paul that we should look for a heardboard. I really just want a simple white headboard, cottage style would be nice, it would be cool if we could find something for $5 but I don't know if they would be that cheap. Later that day we headed in town to find a headboard. We were going to go to the thrift store I usually go to but I felt like I was being told to go to a different thrift store I never go to. We went to the thrift store and as we pulling in the parking lot there displayed outside was the headboard I thinking about. "Honey, hurry up and park so we can get it. I wonder how much it is?" I said as I was getting ready to jump out of the truck. I had already thought that I would pay as much as $20 for a headboard. He went over and grabbed it, "how much is it" I yelled over to him. He replied, "$5." I was so excited. We went inside and I seen a boppy pillow in almost perfect condition for $4 so I grabbed it even though I already have a My Breast Friend Pillow. (I got it for $7 a few weeks ago. But I'm not sure if I'll like it.) We got we needed there so we were off to Target to get the other stuff we needed to finish the room.

We got home and started dinner. As we were cooking Paul said to me "ah Maddie seen her room, she is up there screaming and saying awesome." We went up stairs to see her, she was laying on the bed. "I feel like I'm in a princess room. Like I'm rolality. I love it, love it." So she really loved it, I knew she would. After dinner Paul put the headboard on and we hung up a map of the world up on the wall. Which surprisingly is actaully her favorite thing about the room, well along with the bed/bedding. I thought it would be a good idea to put a map up so I can show her where Daddy is when he is gone. We are going mark the places he visits and display the postcards he sends us around the map.