Tuesday, May 12, 2009

25 Weeks~ We have a Name

Delana Grace
We have a name....YAY. Delana Grace. After 25 weeks we have finally decided on a name. Delana's nickname will be Laney/Lana.
25 weeks prego Pictures, Images and Photos
Head to heel baby measures about 13.5 inches and her weight is about a pound and half. She is beginning to change her long lean figure for some baby fat. As she gains fat her wrinkled skin will start to smooth out and she will start to look more like a newborn. She is also starting to grow more hair, if you were able so see her you could tell the color and texture.
My next doctor's appointment is on May 20th. Paul will still be here but he has duty and will not be able to go, although he will see if he can leave for the appointment and then go back to work. My doctor's only at the clinic one day a week and the 20th is the only day she will be there. I can't complain much because I'm glad to be seen by the same doctor the whole time with this pregnancy vs being seen by a different doctor eveytime with Madison and having a different doctor deliver her. I think that it works out better this way and I just hope that my doctor is on call when I go into labor.