Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nursery Painted

First step:.........paint. Done!
So here is the room with the paint finished. I really like it. It's going to look so nice once we put the crib in with the bedding and hang curtains. Step two: curtains. Step three: furniture (paint or not to paint.) I think I will see what it looks like the way it is now and if see if I really want to paint it. I know that it would look so cute with white furniture. Either way we still need to get the crib out of the attic and put it together. Step four: bedding and accessories. Step five: washing everything I will be using in the first couple of months, storing everything I will not be using right away in an organized way. Tick tock, tick tock. It's getting closer. I probably should wait longer to do a lot of the stuff but I just want it done. I like to be prepared..... ah. I like to think that I'm in control, especially with the stuff that I have some control over.

Alright I waited a little to long to take the picture so I could have a little natural light, now I'm stuck with the one lamp. This is without the flash. (What ever happened to lights in the ceiling?)

With the flash.

Big sister Maddie helping clean up the tape.

Another one with the flash. Verdict: I like the color, it looks good.