Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Last Weekend Home

It's Bunko night but I didn't know if I was going to go since it was Paul's last weekend home. I had the idea that if I went to Bunko; he and Madison could have a date night. He thought that it sounded like a good idea. So about a week or two ago we decided that I would go to Bunko and they would go out on a date. Maddie has been thinking about how she would like to do with Daddy on their special night. The ideas she had included playing games, swimming, and watching tv. I asked her what they would eat for dinner, at home or go out to eat. She said "can I fit all this in my time?" I told her she might be able to fit it all in.

I mentioned to Paul about bringing her to see Hannah Montana The Movie. He said he would like to take her so they are going to dinner and a movie. We looked up the times the movie was playing and the best time for them left them only 40 minutes to eat dinner. Paul was thinking that he wouldn't be able to do the movie and dinner so I suggested they go to Burger King since it was really close to the movie theatre. Now Daddy had a plan he told Maddie that they were going to go to Burger King for dinner. Maddie was excited and now it was time to leave to drop me off at Bunko. Paul and Maddie went in with me so Maddie could say hi to Ms. Allison. She said she was going on a date with her dad. Everyone asked her where she was going and she excitedly replied "Burger King." After saying hi to everyone they were off on their date. I told everyone they were going to Burger King and The Hannah Montanta Movie.

Bunko was over so I called Paul to come and pick me up. Maddie told me all about her date with Daddy. We went to see Hannah Montana's movie. She told me about the movie all the way home and how they bought a huge bucket of popcorn and a enormous cup of pop, we shared. I was so happy to hear they had a good time.