Monday, April 6, 2009

La Jolla

Saturday we drove to La Jolla to explore the beach. We found some sea shells and even found some stuff in the tide pools. We seen a crab, a few really tiny crabs in shells, sea anemones, and two fish. It was very fun. We ate a picnic lunch at Misson Beach. I love being close to the beach.

I was sad to leave the beach. I have had a love obsession with water since I was young. I remember living across the road from the lake and wanting to spend all my time there; swimming, riding in the boat, just exploring everything. I remember being completely disappointed when we moved away from the lake and how I would also say I was going to own a house on a lake when I grew up. (Maybe someday.) Then when I was in high school I used to babysit for my mom's friend who lived on a lake. I remember staring at the water, the sun shining on it and it look as if a million little diamonds were dancing with the waves. It was breath taking. I wish that I could see that everyday from my own window.

Years later I met Paul and moved in with him and he lived only three blocks from Chesapeake Bay. Are you kidding...... I was in love. I'm going to be living THREE blocks from the beach! Only thing is Paul doesn't like the beach as much a me. I tried to talk him in to walking to the beach all the time but we only went a handful of times while we lived there. I never walked to the beach myself because I didn't feel safe to be alone in that neighborhood, at least the part right near the beach. We only lived in that house for about a year and then moved to a different home, one not so close to the beach. The house had a canal in the backyard that would have water in it at high tide. Not quite waterfront even though the listing for the house listed it as waterfront. I had a little bit of water in my own backyard. Not enough for me so we visited Virginia Beach and the Outter Banks, NC.

After we moved from there we moved to Holland, Michigan. We didn't live to far from the state beach so I would drive there at least once a weeks and sit in the car and read while Madison took at nap. I spent a lot of time at that beach...... mainly in the winter. I really love just to sit and watch the water. I'm not much for getting all sand, sandy feet are fine but I don't paticularly like to get everything sandy. Maybe I was spoiled living by the lake and getting out of the water onto soft grass. Anyhow now we are in California and I still could spend the day there watching the water.


Stephanie said...

Wow! You have some amazing pictures here.
Also have to say I love the name of your blog. Cute.