Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

We went to church this morning and the children sat with their parents. Madison did very well. I think that it helped that she knew a lot of the songs we today. We actually listed to a few of them in the truck on the way to church on the Veggie Tales~ Here I am To Worship cd the Easter bunny brought Maddie. I really enjoy the skit the church had this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. The skit was followed by the message which always makes me reflect on my life. I realize that I'm still a work in progress and have lots of room for growth. Then it was time for what Maddie has been talking about for the past week....... the Easter egg hunt. According to her she has been waiting for a year. Basket in hand she ran and ran until her basket was full and the eggs were gone...then broke open every egg to see what kind of treasure it held. Ooh.... bouncy balls, that's what she was most excited about bouncy balls. So simple. Then it was time to move on the the next chapter for the day.

We got home and changed clothes since we decided to drive up to La Jolla to spend some time at the beach before we had to start cooking dinner. The weather was nice today which made for a great day to enjoy time at the beach. First we walked to see the seals and sea lions at Children's Pool beach they gather there for pupping season. Maddie was very excited to see the seals. I told her there were seals in La Jolla at the beach when we were there last weekend but I didn't want to walk up to the beach they were at because I was getting tired and had to pee. The joys of pregnancy.... I'm not complaining just saying. So seeing the seals was on the top of the list today, followed by playing in the sand. Check, Check. We also played a little frisbee. Then it was time to head home to start dinner.

Last night we decided to make an Easter dinner so we made a menu and went shopping. On the menu: ham, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. We didn't plan a dessert but I got an bunny shaped cake pan this morning as a gift from my secret sister so I made homemade brownies. Bunny brownies for dessert. Everything tasted delicious the best part... the ham gravy. Yum, one of my pregnancy cravings. We cleaned up and watched Marley and Me. Very cute. It so reminded me of the dog I had growing up, she was a good dog and didn't act like Marley at all but was my best friend for many years. I remember how much I loved growing up with her and how terribly heartbroken I was when she died. Pets are really become a part of your family.


Jane Ann said...

Ironically the Bathroom is Right near the children's pool Beach!

Sounds like a nice day for YOU and YOUR family!