Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Brilliant Idea

I'm six months pregnant and still no name for our little girl. I thought we had agreed on a name but then I decided that I didn't really like the name as much as I thought I did. We really want to have a name before Paul deploys since it is easier to discuss names in the same house vs through emails. SO I came up with an idea... how about we go and have a 4-d ultrasound done so we can see the baby's face, we can pick a name to go with the face. Great idea, ugh? Here are the pictures of the little one.
Apparently she didn't want anyone to disturb her nap.

Because she didn't move from this position for the whole 15 minutes.

The ultrasound tech had me move to try to get her to move, but she didn't.

The ultrasound tech tried to poke her, but she still didn't want to move.

She kept her hand by her face the WHOLE time.

She finally turned toward us and you can see her finger lifted...... probably saying leave me alone I'm sleeping.

Here her hand is in the way, I think it looks like her thumb could be in her mouth.?

In this picture her head is on the left and her foot is right above her face you can follow the whole leg down. The ultrasound tech said she had long legs. I love this picture cause it's so cute.