Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Halfway.......... 20 Weeks

HALFWAY......... only about 20 weeks (give or take) until I meet my lil ladybug. I'm so excited. The office in now starting to look like a baby's room and the idea of a baby coming is totally real. Yesterday we cleaned the office and it's now a nursery minus the crib (in the attic yet). There are still a few things that need to be moved from the room before the baby comes but the house is starting to look like we are getting ready for a baby. The dressers are in there with a few baby things in them, the changing pad is ready to be attached to the dresser. The room is almost ready to paint (we will probably looking a paint chips this week :) I'm looking forward to getting it finished... soon.

Big Sister Maddie got a new dresser and a bookshelf for her room. When we first bought the dresser a few weeks ago so was mad because the baby was getting her dresser. Then yesterday her new dresser was moved into her room and she got her own bookshelf, plus room to ride on Bella (fur real pony) and more room to play with her toys; she was happy with her new room. I helped her sort a few toys and then we left the room and then we walked back toward her room and she said "ahhh, I love my new room." I'm so glad she likes it. Oh yeah she might be excited that she has a tv in her room now too. I'm actually totally against having a tv in the bedroom but it's a little tiny 13' (Paul and my first tv lol) or something that was just sitting in the closet and she is only going to be allowed to watch movies on it, when we say she can.

Information on 20 weeks: Accornding to the information out there the baby would be 6.5 inches long and 9 oz. However when we went to the ultrasound on Saturday the tech told me that she weighed 14 oz. Paul told me that the tech did my measurements three time and got the same thing all three times, 21 weeks and 1 day. SO She is a little bigger than she should be according to the information. I was actually thinking that she might now be a big as she was supposed to be but it's a relief the hear she was on track. I'm thining it will all even out down the road. Paul has the ultrasound pics in his book which is at work with him so I'll post the pictures later.