Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breakfast with my Honey

Paul has been going to a class for work the past week and last night he told me that he didn't have to go in until later in the morning. We brought Madison to school and went out for breakfast. It was nice to have breakfast with him because during the week it doesn't happen and most of the time we grab Starbucks on the way to church. We really don't have breakfast together much, especially just the two of us. I really enjoyed spending this morning with him. We will probably do it again next week since he will be on vacation and Maddie will be in school. Of course we have stuff to work on at home that should get done before the end of May but it can wait a hour or two while we enjoy some couple time.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

23 Weeks

23 weeks Pictures, Images and Photos
Twenty three weeks, I'm definitely feeling pregnant. I take a three hour nap almost everyday because I'm so exhausted. Also within the last week or so my back have began to hurt. So I guess I'm still in good shape since those are the only two things bothering me. The baby is doing good. We went to labor and delivery last night for my scheduled appointment. The doctor said that everything from the ultrasound looked good, heart beat sounds good, and she answered all my questions. I have to say that as I was within eyes view of the L&D last night I became really nervous. I was only there for an appointment but I remembered my experience from Madison's birth and knew that soon I would be returning there for this little one. I'm hoping for a better birthing experience than I had with Madison. I have asked lots of questions about a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesartan) and my doctor seems to think I will do fine. Right now I'm thinking that I'm just going to have to wait and see what happens. I don't want to be induced and I really don't want another c-section but I know that it's a possiblity.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Brilliant Idea

I'm six months pregnant and still no name for our little girl. I thought we had agreed on a name but then I decided that I didn't really like the name as much as I thought I did. We really want to have a name before Paul deploys since it is easier to discuss names in the same house vs through emails. SO I came up with an idea... how about we go and have a 4-d ultrasound done so we can see the baby's face, we can pick a name to go with the face. Great idea, ugh? Here are the pictures of the little one.
Apparently she didn't want anyone to disturb her nap.

Because she didn't move from this position for the whole 15 minutes.

The ultrasound tech had me move to try to get her to move, but she didn't.

The ultrasound tech tried to poke her, but she still didn't want to move.

She kept her hand by her face the WHOLE time.

She finally turned toward us and you can see her finger lifted...... probably saying leave me alone I'm sleeping.

Here her hand is in the way, I think it looks like her thumb could be in her mouth.?

In this picture her head is on the left and her foot is right above her face you can follow the whole leg down. The ultrasound tech said she had long legs. I love this picture cause it's so cute.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


1 Pictures, Images and Photos

When I go for a walk I like to know how far I have walked so there are two site I have found that seem to help me figure out how far I have walked and also help me route new walks. My husband told me about US Track & Field a few years ago, it helps you find running routes or you can make your own. The other site I was using it Map My Walk. They have changed the site some since I started using it, they have a new map which is alright. I preferred the old one which I think you can still use but the downfall on this is that there is an ad that is on the map and you have to move it around to map your route or sign up to become a premium member. As a premium member you would have to pay $5 a month. They also offer an imapmyrun app for the iphone for free, which I don't own an iphone but would be cool.

6 Months

I can't believe it..... 6 months (22 weeks) today. I'm getting so close to meeting my little ladybug. I think about her all the time and wonder what she looks like in there. I wish that I could look in there and see what is going on. What does a 6 month old baby look like growing in it's mother uterus. I looked on you tube to see if I could find anything for 23 weeks or 6 monthspregnant. I found a great video which shows a baby growing inside it's mother right up to 6 month. I'm breathless.......... she looks like a baby. I knew she did but seeing it is another thing... it seems so real like you could hold her. The picture at 5 months almost made me cry....... eyebrows. It's amazing what happens in a short 9 months. Nine months is really a long period of time but not when you consider all that happens in that 9 months. From a tiny egg and a little sprem......... this amazing baby grows and grows. Only God could be credited with the miracle that takes place in the 9 months, every detail accounted for.... there is no other way. I'm truely blesssed.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lazy Lasagna

Tonight for dinner we had Lazy Lasagna II. I found this recipe online and tried it out. Yummy. My honey loved it and Maddie ate it minus the meat, she picky what can I say. I'll be making it again soon, plus leftovers for tonight.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Weekend Overview

Madison learned how to ride her bike about three weeks or so ago but she didn't believe us when we told her that she was riding without help since Daddy was right there with his hand out ready to catch her if she fell. Easter night we brought her out for a little while and she seen that she really was doing it on her own but she was still a little wobbly, she ran into the curb a few times. She rode around the road circling the pool while Daddy ran behind her. She was so proud of herself and so were mom and dad. By the time she did this it was time to go in for the night.
Friday night we were going to go the park and Maddie decided she would rather ride her bike. I told her that she was too fast and I couldn't run behind her while she rode. She said it was fine she still wanted to ride. She rode around, around, around and around the loop at least 30 times before I said it was time to go in since it was getting dark. That kid is unstoppable now. I vacuumed the truck on Saturday and she rode her bike she a small circle the whole time. The truck was not working right so she rode it the whole time our friends were here working on it. Sunday we were not home much, we enjoyed a day at church and the pool.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

21 Weeks

Ladybug is moving around a lot now. Hopefully soon Maddie will be able to feel her moving; daddy says that he can feel her but it isn't strong just really light taps. My next doctor's appointment is April 27th. We going to labor and delivery for the next appointment because my doctor is going to be working L&D for three weeks and I only want to be seen by her. My appointment is at night which is cool because Paul doesn't have to get out of work. plus Maddie can go with us. Hopefully it's not to boring for her.

21 weeks: Baby is just over 7 1/2 inches from crown to rump and 10 inches from head to heel, about the length of a banana. Baby weighs just over 10 1/2 ounces. (she weighs more than that) There is now a slowdown in baby's growth from here but other organs are still developing. By this time the digestive system is able to swallow amniotic fluid; after swallowing, the fetus absorbs much of the water and the rest of the fluid is passed into the large bowel. Researchers believe swallowing amniotic fluid may help in growth and development of the digestive system; it also helps the digestive system to function after birth. Evidence indicates babies at full term may swallow large amounts of fluid as much as 17 oz or 500ml in a 24-hour period. Essential nutrients are passed to the baby from the amniotic fluid.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm feeling refreshed today after getting a three day weekend to spend with my hubby and daughter. It was much needed. Paul was scheduled to work on Easter Sunday which I was unaware of until he told me that we was taking it off. My first reaction was "what you told a whole weekend off for one day." However it turned out to be a go decision on his part. Maddie had been on spring break but he was working so we really didn't do too much for her spring break. Paul's leave time is coming up in May but Maddie will be in school so we still will not have time to do a lot as a family. We took full advantage of this weekend and we were totally relaxed. We are looking forward to having a few more exciting family filled weekends before daddy leaves, the clock is ticking and soon he will be gone again. :-C

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

We went to church this morning and the children sat with their parents. Madison did very well. I think that it helped that she knew a lot of the songs we today. We actually listed to a few of them in the truck on the way to church on the Veggie Tales~ Here I am To Worship cd the Easter bunny brought Maddie. I really enjoy the skit the church had this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. The skit was followed by the message which always makes me reflect on my life. I realize that I'm still a work in progress and have lots of room for growth. Then it was time for what Maddie has been talking about for the past week....... the Easter egg hunt. According to her she has been waiting for a year. Basket in hand she ran and ran until her basket was full and the eggs were gone...then broke open every egg to see what kind of treasure it held. Ooh.... bouncy balls, that's what she was most excited about bouncy balls. So simple. Then it was time to move on the the next chapter for the day.

We got home and changed clothes since we decided to drive up to La Jolla to spend some time at the beach before we had to start cooking dinner. The weather was nice today which made for a great day to enjoy time at the beach. First we walked to see the seals and sea lions at Children's Pool beach they gather there for pupping season. Maddie was very excited to see the seals. I told her there were seals in La Jolla at the beach when we were there last weekend but I didn't want to walk up to the beach they were at because I was getting tired and had to pee. The joys of pregnancy.... I'm not complaining just saying. So seeing the seals was on the top of the list today, followed by playing in the sand. Check, Check. We also played a little frisbee. Then it was time to head home to start dinner.

Last night we decided to make an Easter dinner so we made a menu and went shopping. On the menu: ham, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. We didn't plan a dessert but I got an bunny shaped cake pan this morning as a gift from my secret sister so I made homemade brownies. Bunny brownies for dessert. Everything tasted delicious the best part... the ham gravy. Yum, one of my pregnancy cravings. We cleaned up and watched Marley and Me. Very cute. It so reminded me of the dog I had growing up, she was a good dog and didn't act like Marley at all but was my best friend for many years. I remember how much I loved growing up with her and how terribly heartbroken I was when she died. Pets are really become a part of your family.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Anniversary Date~ Couple Picture

On our date night last night we went to the beach but we didn't bring my camera. We both had our cell phones so I took a few on my phone and then we were using Paul's phone. I really wanted a good picture of the two of us but it wasn't working with us trying to get us and the ocean in the background. I seen a man who was there when we had first gotten there taking pictures so I told Paul I would ask him to take a picture for us because I REALLY wanted one of the two of us celebrating our anniversary. I walked over and said "excuse me sir would you take a picture of us," as I held the phone ready to hand to him if he accepted. He said "sure, do you have an email address? I'll just take one with my camera and send it to you." So we had our picture taken and the kind man sent us a few pictures tonight. Thanks sir, your kindness was greatly appreciated.

Anniversary Date Night

We went out tonight to celebrate our anniversay. Our babysitter's mom came to drop her off and asked me where we were going I said " I don't know. Paul has a plan so I'll just have to wait and see." We left the house and went to Frida (a mexican restaurant). The food was really good. Then we walked out and Paul looked around and was like we could go watch a movie I don't think my other plan is going to work out. "I don't really want to watch a movie, what was your plan?" "I was thinking we could go watch the sunset at the beach." It sounded like a good idea even though it was cloudy. So we drove to Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, as you can tell it is gorgeous on the cliffs. We did get to see a beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

20 Week Photo

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Halfway.......... 20 Weeks

HALFWAY......... only about 20 weeks (give or take) until I meet my lil ladybug. I'm so excited. The office in now starting to look like a baby's room and the idea of a baby coming is totally real. Yesterday we cleaned the office and it's now a nursery minus the crib (in the attic yet). There are still a few things that need to be moved from the room before the baby comes but the house is starting to look like we are getting ready for a baby. The dressers are in there with a few baby things in them, the changing pad is ready to be attached to the dresser. The room is almost ready to paint (we will probably looking a paint chips this week :) I'm looking forward to getting it finished... soon.

Big Sister Maddie got a new dresser and a bookshelf for her room. When we first bought the dresser a few weeks ago so was mad because the baby was getting her dresser. Then yesterday her new dresser was moved into her room and she got her own bookshelf, plus room to ride on Bella (fur real pony) and more room to play with her toys; she was happy with her new room. I helped her sort a few toys and then we left the room and then we walked back toward her room and she said "ahhh, I love my new room." I'm so glad she likes it. Oh yeah she might be excited that she has a tv in her room now too. I'm actually totally against having a tv in the bedroom but it's a little tiny 13' (Paul and my first tv lol) or something that was just sitting in the closet and she is only going to be allowed to watch movies on it, when we say she can.

Information on 20 weeks: Accornding to the information out there the baby would be 6.5 inches long and 9 oz. However when we went to the ultrasound on Saturday the tech told me that she weighed 14 oz. Paul told me that the tech did my measurements three time and got the same thing all three times, 21 weeks and 1 day. SO She is a little bigger than she should be according to the information. I was actually thinking that she might now be a big as she was supposed to be but it's a relief the hear she was on track. I'm thining it will all even out down the road. Paul has the ultrasound pics in his book which is at work with him so I'll post the pictures later.

Monday, April 6, 2009

La Jolla

Saturday we drove to La Jolla to explore the beach. We found some sea shells and even found some stuff in the tide pools. We seen a crab, a few really tiny crabs in shells, sea anemones, and two fish. It was very fun. We ate a picnic lunch at Misson Beach. I love being close to the beach.

I was sad to leave the beach. I have had a love obsession with water since I was young. I remember living across the road from the lake and wanting to spend all my time there; swimming, riding in the boat, just exploring everything. I remember being completely disappointed when we moved away from the lake and how I would also say I was going to own a house on a lake when I grew up. (Maybe someday.) Then when I was in high school I used to babysit for my mom's friend who lived on a lake. I remember staring at the water, the sun shining on it and it look as if a million little diamonds were dancing with the waves. It was breath taking. I wish that I could see that everyday from my own window.

Years later I met Paul and moved in with him and he lived only three blocks from Chesapeake Bay. Are you kidding...... I was in love. I'm going to be living THREE blocks from the beach! Only thing is Paul doesn't like the beach as much a me. I tried to talk him in to walking to the beach all the time but we only went a handful of times while we lived there. I never walked to the beach myself because I didn't feel safe to be alone in that neighborhood, at least the part right near the beach. We only lived in that house for about a year and then moved to a different home, one not so close to the beach. The house had a canal in the backyard that would have water in it at high tide. Not quite waterfront even though the listing for the house listed it as waterfront. I had a little bit of water in my own backyard. Not enough for me so we visited Virginia Beach and the Outter Banks, NC.

After we moved from there we moved to Holland, Michigan. We didn't live to far from the state beach so I would drive there at least once a weeks and sit in the car and read while Madison took at nap. I spent a lot of time at that beach...... mainly in the winter. I really love just to sit and watch the water. I'm not much for getting all sand, sandy feet are fine but I don't paticularly like to get everything sandy. Maybe I was spoiled living by the lake and getting out of the water onto soft grass. Anyhow now we are in California and I still could spend the day there watching the water.

Happy Anniversary

happy anniversary beach Pictures, Images and Photos
May the Lord
who brought your lives
together as one
continue to bring
good things to you
from His heart-
abundant joy to fill your days,
rich contentment to fill your moments,
and abiding love to fill your hearts.

Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all thing.
Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:7, 8 NAS