Friday, October 31, 2008


Madison went to school in her custom so they could go to the school wide parade. The parade was alright. We sat in the sun for an hour and it was hot. I don't know what the temperture was in the morning but I know later in the day it was 86, too hot for October. When we got back to class the teacher had little station set up for the kids to do different crafts. It was an interesting day since they had subistute teachers because the teachers had to go to a meeting. I think all the kids enjoyed the day.

After school we went out to eat, hit the mall (mainly for Build A Bear), and headed home to get the stuff we needed to bring to church. We went to church early to help set up. I helped set up while Madison enjoyed herself in the jump house., she spend most of the night in the jump houses. One of her friends from school came so Madison, Jacob, his brother and a little boy from church hung out for the whole night. I enjoy talking with Jacob's mom and a few ladies from church. I was a fun night. We were at church unitl a little after nine. So Madison played in the jump houses for about four, four and a half hours. Needless to say, she was tired. We got home and she had a melt down because she had to wash the face paint off. We finally were in bed and the phone rang. DADDY! We talked to daddy and we were off to sleep. (Just in case you are looking for a picture of Maddie in her costum at church you will not find it she refused to wear it. Then about ten minutes before we left she put it on for like two minutes.)