Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day Trip

Madison and I went for a day trip to Temecula. We shopped the stores in Old Town, we didn't visit all the stores I wanted to hit but we still had fun. I have been wanting to go to Temecula since we moved here because I heard they had really nice antique shops. They do! So we shopped for a few hours, ate lunch at a little cafe and then headed to Peltzer Farms at three.
The farm was nice, the best place was that it fell like we were in the country even though we were only miles from home. While we were there we went on a train ride, petting animals in the petting zoo and Madison rode the ponies. The pony ride was the highlight of Madison fall break. I think she rode the ponies three times. She is in love with horses and while I don't share the same feeling about horses I try find any chance I can to get her to horses. She lights up, comes alive and I love seeing her like that. I'm hoping that somewhere down the road an opportunity for her to be around horses comes along. Anyhow the farm was really fun. We left with three pumpkins, one for each member of our family. Mommy and Maddie days remind me our how much I love being is Madison's company.

Talking to the goat, "sorry but I'm outta food."

I just love her expression is this picture.....