Saturday, August 2, 2008

Operation: Military Kids- Family Day

I got a flyer for Operation: Military Kids- Family Day and it looked like it would be fun. A chance for Madison and I to meet some other military families. It was at a Marines' base that is about thrity five minutes away. I know I have been up in the area before but I couldn't picture it. I wanted to leave myself plenty of time. I was thinking that we would get there early and Madison could play at the park a little while before it started. That was not true, we got there at 9:30 and there were already 200 people in line. So I decided to get in line too, they were handing out backpacks and school supplies to the first 600 kids which was what everyone was in line for. I forgot to mention that they gates didn't open until 11:00, which actually turned out to be 11:20. Anyhow, while we were waiting in there was a couple ladies talking. The one lady asked me about what branch of the military my husband was in," Navy." "Oh mine too," she said. I said the ship mine is on and she said "mine is too." She was telling me that her husband was the CMC. Then she was like my husband probably know your husband and visa verusa. The CMC is the third in command on the ship and he meets with the Chiefs everyday. Ah I learned something today. She was asking if I was aware of the different groups they have for the ship and the wives. Nope! So she said she would add my name and email to the list. I was a interesting wait.
Once we were in the gates we ate the boxed lunch they gave us. Madison petted the turtle, pig and bunny. The only animal she didn't pet was the llama. They only had four animals in their petting zoo and I was a little dissappointed. That was the main reason I brought Madison. We looked at all the information booths, she rode the little car below, we went to get her face painted and they were finished painting face so we left because there wasn't to much more to do. And it was HOT! I was still pretty fun. Madison was really excited about the car ride and I was excited to meet someone who's husband works with my husband.