Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Lesson On Life

I was looking on photobucket today and seen these. I seen these two and thought, how true. I was sent here to learn to love others. Yet it seems like a very small task, love others. All you have to do is care, show compasion for someone other than yourself. But is it really that easy? As I reach out to others I risk being rejected and pushed away. How much easier is it to just hate someone or show no feelings toward them? A few pages later I see the quote, "We are all sudents and teachers. I often ask myself, "What did I come here to learn, and what did I come to teach?" I was thinking, I came here to learn to love, to put others before myself.
What have I come to learn? What I have learned is that I have a idea of what my life should look like, God has a better plan. Being a military wife is hard but there is one perk I have discovered and that is meeting new people. I honestly can say that I have not always enjoyed being a military wife having to pack up and move so much. However after my last move I was thinking, how blessed I am to be able to move and meet so many wonderful people that I never would have met if I never left my home town or state. In the last two moves I have opened my heart to meeting new people and making friends. I have changed my additude of, "I'm not making friends because I'm moving soon, what's the sense." I see how having friends has changed my outlook on life. I know that everytime I put myself out there I could get hurt but I think it's worth it when you meet someone who cares for you.
The other thing I have learned is life is short if you don't like where you are heading do something to change it, pray for guidance. And let's not forget, practice make progress. I know Iwill never be perfect but I know that I can make progress.
As for what I can teach...... I guess what I learn. So let me close with a quote that I found when I was thinking about how blessed I'm with the people I have met throughout my life.
Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.