Monday, June 23, 2008

43 Things

My Life List.....

1. Support my husband's career.
2. Be a good role model to my daughter.
3. Read the Bible everyday.
4. Develop the fruits of the spirt; love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self
5. Workout five times a week.
6. Get into shape/lose 90 pounds.
7. Go on a date with my husband once a month.
8. Learn to live on less.
9. Pay off debt.
10. Save money to buy a house.
11. Donate blood regularly.
12. Be baptized.
13. Be active in the church.
14. Volunteer in my daughter's class.
15. Get organized and stay organized.
16. Walk in Breast Cancer Walk.
17. Participate in Operation Christmas Child every year.
18. Get my Masters degree in photography.
19. Renew marriage vows at ten or twenty years.
20. Fit into clothes @ Ann Taylor Loft and Anthropology.
21. Have family pictures take every year.
22. Have a gallery wall of my pictures.
23. Use my flickr account.
24. Enter a photo contest.
25. Climb a rock wall.
26. Read the entire Bible.
27. Go scuba diving.
28. Learn to belly dance.
29. Cook one great meal a week.
30. Learn to knit.
31. Make homemade pasta.
32. Keep my blog up to date.
33. Drive thur a Sequoia Tree.
34. Tour a California vineyard.
35. Swim with a dolphin.
36. Live in Hawaii.
37. Visit Niagarra Falls.
38. Visit Seattle, Wa.
39. Climb a mountain.
40. Travel to Santorini, Greece.
41. Go to Disneyland.
42. Travel to Paris.
43. Travel to Italy.


Kimberly LaBombard said...

Hey Stephanie,
Loved the posts with the pics...As I was reading this post I was struck by how many of the things on your list would be on mine (if i had one). Too bad we are so far away from each other...we could cross some things off together. Always seems to be more fun doing things with a friend.