Monday, May 5, 2008

Breath Taking Views

We decided to go out and do something fun tonight since Paul got home a little earlier than normal. We packed the bikes up and headed to a trail that we seen yesterday. When we got there we realized that it was only open Wed, Sat, and Sun. Well the parking lot was closed and we could have parked on the road instead we decided to visit the park at the end of the road. It was a good choice. We had to pay three dollars to get into the park but I think it was well worth the views we got after climbing the mountain. It was amazing!!! We could see the ocean from up there, beautiful. The view really was breath taking. I can't believe how much land still in undeveloped around the area. The sad thing is that they are starting to develop the area more and more. We could see all the new housing that has been added in the last few years and I image what it looked like before they were all there. How gorgeous it must have been. It still is gorgeous but in the near future it will most likely be changed. It is so sad. I will post the pictures later but I really wanted to write about how amazing it really was.

I finally got the pictures up. I uploaded them as little pictures or it would have looked like picture overload on this entry, don't forget that you can click on them to make the better. They are awesome and look better bigger but take up a lot of room big too. Take from the top of the mountain, amazing views.