Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sleepy Little Princess

It was a rough day for Maddie today and well yesterday. Daddy is all she wants and he is working. I let her lay down with me to get her to calm down. She fell asleep in just a few minutes and when I looked at her I seen my baby girl. I had a flash back to when she was a few months old, her baby face. It was there! Lately when I look at her I seen a big girl but tonight I seen my little baby. Calm, relaxed and peaceful.

The picture below is totally out of focus but for anyone who knew me when I was around this age, this picture could past for me. Sometimes I am amazed at how much Maddie looks like me. God is amazing like that, sometimes it throws me back on track. When you look at your kid and you think she is so beautiful and I am, well not. Then I see myself in her and think if she looks that much like me I must be beautiful too?


Allison said...

Awe how cute! I worry about that.. being pregnant with a little girl. I worry that she will be ALL about Daddy because little girls and babies usually ARE all about my husband. Any time there is a little girl in public... they are so enthralled by my husband. I have no hope!!! LOL

Since I can't leave my URL, I'll post it here. You can find me at - and I found you via the blog party with Mommie's United. It's nice to meet you!