Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kindergarten Registration

Madison and I walked up to the school today for kindergarten registration. Today was the first day of registration, so I was there will all of my papers. We didn't get the the school until 8:45 but other people got there before 7:00. When we got there we were number 57 and there were still people there that had got there way earlier. While I was waiting a lady gave me a number of someone that had left, I guess the lady gave her the number and she was a lower number so she gave me that one. I moved from 57 to 49 which was pretty cool since they were at like number 33 when I got it. When it was my turn the lady was thrilled with Madison military shot record since that list the shots in order give instead of grouping them according to the type of shot. Anyhow everything went well with the registration and I requested morning which it sounded like they were giving them to the people who showed up first. Of course at a school a few miles away still in the same school district they said they have a lottery. So I am not sure what the story is, they don't have the first day of school figured out either. I know that she will start sometime in July but not sure exactly when. So that was pretty much my day so far. I have small group to night at church so I can relax until then.