Friday, January 25, 2008

Trimming the Tree

This is what the palm tree looked like when we moved in back in October. The property manager mentioned about having it cut back but it offered privacy from the neighbors so we said it was fine the way it was, so we didn't have it cut back. After some thought I decided we should see if we could have him get someone to come out and cut it back, it looks bad and in very loud when the wind is blowing. Paul said he could do it himself. He got the saw, ladder and went to work. Now we have a very nice looking palm tree in the backyard.

How long is the palm branch you might ask? Well as you can see Madison is laying next to one of the branches in the picture below. The last time she was measured she was 42 inches which is about 3ft 6 inches. You might wonder why Madison is laying so funny next to the branch, oh that's because she is afraid that she is going to be cut by the teeth on the branch. Yes they have large teeth. Take a look at the next pictute.
Here is a picture of my finger next to the palm branch teeth. They are long and sharp, if fact one branch fell and cut a pretty good size hole is Paul's pants, blue jeans.
Since we ran out of fire wood and the house was chilly, Paul made a fire with the branch part of the palms. We were all laying on the floor watching Daddy Daycare and Madison said "mom go get your camera and take a picture of us all laying on the floor by the fire," so I went and got the camera and took a picture.