Monday, January 28, 2008

Decorating Inspirtation

A picture of my furture sofa. I have looked and looked for the perfect sofa (Paul is probably sick of hearing about all the different sofas), after much thought and research this is the sofa I have decided on. We are going to order it in a different color fabric, the color we are going to order it in is a brown or tan shade. The fabric its self is velvet, it is very sofy and will be nice to cuddle up by the fire on. This is actually my favorite color buy I'm not bold enough to order it in this color, plus I like to change the colors of accessories too much and there are not enough colors to go with it. We are planning on ordering the couch in a few weeks and I think that it said it takes eight weeks after placing the order, that's a long time. I am looking forward to having a couch that is not falling apart,though. The cushion on the couch we have now are sewed onto the frame but they are starting to rip off. The cushions started riping off on there own but now I will catch Madison every once in awhile pulling them more. I think this couch will hold up to a kid and a few moves, at least I hope it will!