Tuesday, June 30, 2009

32 Weeks

Eight weeks to go. Wait, is that right? It sure is but it doesn't really seem possible. Eight weeks really doesn't seem like a long time but if you say two months it seems a little longer. Two months seem further away. July is only a day away, which means Maddie will be a first grader in 27 days. My little baby girl is going to be a big first grader. We have been reading books and working on other school related stuff. Not as much as I was planning on but I guess a little is better than nothing.

Getting back to the pregnancy related part of this post.... my little buggy now weighs about four pounds and is about 18.9 inches long (head to heel). We are still discussing the name. As of right now her name is still Delana Grace. The other name we are discussing it Isabella Grace. I find myself thinking.... "I wonder what Isabelle is doing right now?" In my mind I refer to her as Isabelle but Paul and I are still talking and praying that we will know which name to use. I don't know why it's so hard to pick a name. I knew that I loved Madison when I got pregnant with her, I had to talk Paul into it. He hated the name until around four months or so. One day I was going through my list of names (Madison was always on it) except one day. I had listed all my names and then Paul was like "oh I kind of like Madison." Then we were finished. At least with the first name, the name we had was Madison Grace. Later on we changed the middle name to Rose. It was prefect! This time I'm almost 99% sure the middle name will be Grace, it has meaning this time.