Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Baby's Growing Up

This morning was complaining about her tooth, she said that it felt like something was sticking on it. I looked in her mouth and I didn't see anything. I went and babysat for my sister in law and as we were leaving Madison said that her tooth felt weird again. "I'll look at it when we get home," I told her. We got home and checked the mail to see if the letter from school had arrived. "YES, it's here." I riped open the envelope, mornings. She got the room that I wanted which makes me happy and I am glad that we got mornings so we can still do stuff after she gets out of school. We will still be able to go the zoo or whatever after school gets out. I had requested mornings when I registered her but later requested a certain teacher who would be teaching afternoons. Later I thought, why did I request the afternoon it will be crazy with her going in the afternoons.
A few hours pass and we sit down to watch a movie and she says, "mom my tooth is lose and I think I am to lose a tooth." I'm think that she just wanted to lose a tooth because her cousin has been talking about when she lost her teeth. I told her come over here and let me see. Sure enough one of the teeth on the bottom right in front is lose. It's pretty wiggly. Now I'm thinking a week or so ago I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she asked what we had that was soft. I think the tooth has been lose for awhile. SO stay tuned for the soon to come, I lost my first tooth picture. It is kind of hitting me now that my little baby girl is growing up. It's exciting, yet I still feel a little sad. I don't know if that is quite it, sad that is. I'm thinking, "where did the time go?" I'm looking forward to all the big girl stuff; making friends at school, losing teeth, learning to tie shoes, learning to read and all papers she will bring home from school showing her progress.