Monday, November 26, 2007

Jadite and Red Kitchen

From Kasse
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I have been rethinking my homes decor. I like the Pottery Barn look but I also love antiques and vintage things. I was telling myself that I didn't like the antiques and old stuff quite as much as I liked Pottery barn but I realized that I do like my antiques more than I thought. I have to find a way to display the old and new in a way that is not to country. I do like the country style but mainly I like the antique and a clean, fresh, modern look. I think I am on my way to creating the home I have in my mind. I am working a putting together a notebook of ideas. I have lots a ideas and now I just have to put them to work in my own house.
One of the ideas I had was to have a red and jadite kitchen. I just painted the walls beige, I wanted neutral color. I had a wine theme kithen but I have always loved jadite and now I am going to start collecting the jadite dishes. I have a swirl mixing bowl that my mom gave me. As of right now it is my only piece but I will start adding to it soon.