Friday, November 23, 2007

Dreams of a Home

This morning I decided that I would gather some picture ideas of houses and decorating style that I like. I have a hard time sticking with one style sometimes. I thought that if I have a bunch of different pictures of things that I like that I will be able to come up with a style or my own. My plan is to add to the style that I choose and find things that will work in the house they we will buy once we retire from military life. I figure I have a few years to start collecting things that I love and make them come together to be something I really love and that show my personal taste. I wanted to look at house both inside and out because I want a house with lots of character inside and out. I really love the picture of the house above because I love the character it has; I really like the covered front porch and pillars. I really like the house and it reminds me of the house my sister-in-law lived in when I first met her. I loved her house. I love hard wood floors, crown molding, solid wood doors and built ins. I am excited about owning a home again even though it may be a long time yet I am going to make myself and my family comfortable in the house we live in until we have our own "home sweet home."
I have also done a lot of thinking about the area where I would like to live when we are done with the military moves. I would like to move to Holland, MI. I have lived there and I love the downtown and the lakes. I look forward to moving back to Michigan and settling down. There are lots of antique and cottage style shops around the area which I love visiting. I love everything about Michigan, even the snow. I say that I hate the snow but since I am missing it this year I realize how much I miss it. I will also miss fall, we left a the beginning of fall and we missed the apple orchards and falling leaves. Two of my favorite things, I miss the air when it starts to cold and you know fall is here and winter is on it's way. I am looking forward to all the wonders Michigan has to offer. Soon I will be back.