Saturday, December 1, 2007


I was driving home from shopping downtown today and I seen a rainbow. I seen the rainbow and I a smile appeared on my face I was thinking "Thank you God I really needed that!" I said "Madison do you see the rainbow?" When she spotted it she said "I see it! It is God's Promise!" I told her that she was right. I seen someone walking on the sidewalk while we were at the stoplight looking at the rainbow, I wanted to roll my window down and say "Hey look at the rainbow!"
Of course I did not have my camera in the truck so I ran into the house when we got there. Madison and I ran down the road, down a hill and to the main road hopeing that the rainbow would still be there. It was but it was behind a big building, oh man. I seen a small part of the rainbow so click, I snapped the shot. We ran back home, jumped in the truck and went to the park to try and snap a better picture from there. There rainbow was gone when we got there and the sun was behind big clouds. Madison played for a while and the sun started shining. I looked and looked and prayed that the rainbow would come back out. It did and it was very faint, click. I got it! I was glad to have the picture. The sad thing was that no one else at the park even realized that the rainbow had appeared right there in plain sight.
I know it is hard to see the rainbow because it is so faint. It starts in the bottom right corner.