Monday, July 28, 2008


One of my pictures on Flickr from the Wild Animal Park was choosen to be on the schmap. It's kind of exciting. If you click the link below it will bring you to a page with a map, click on the flag on Escondido. Once you click on Escondido a slide show of pictures will show up in the right top corner. And there will be a picture of a lion club on a log with my name under it.,-117.35664&bottomright=32.66828,-116.97075&i=27771_30.jpg

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blog Update

Hello. I see that my last entry actually posted. I have been having a hard time getting my entries to post using my computer. I seen that there was a comment on the last one, HELLO. It didn't show up on my computer so the last one my computer shows is Madison's first day of school. Since I know it works on a different computer i might add some new entries and back date them.
We are all doing good. Madison will be starting her third week of school and she says she doesn't like it but then she will talk about the stuff she enjoys doing in class. Madison is very excited about getting homework. In fact she was mad because she didn't get homework the first week of school. Her teachers are awesome, I really like them. I will be helping in her class as soon a I get a TB test. Great! No one said anything about a shot before I volunteered to help in the class. Anyhow I'm being a baby, I know it's not that bad. I look forward to working in her class and seeing what she does everyday. I think that I will volunteer one day a week for right now and possible more later. I also started working out at the gym last week. I want to get there four or five times a week. I'm proud of myself for finally getting busy and changing. I know I need to get to getting healthy and add exercise to my life. I have lost sixteen pounds so far. Woo whoo! I'm find to keep busy by doing thing that are good for me and are enjoyable. Surprisingly I actually find working out enjoyable!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Braces Update

I had my braces adjusted on Thursday and they are looking good.
I took this picture they are getting straighter. I love it, they look so good.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Madison first day of kindergarten, they had a parent/student orintation. Here is the recap of our day. We walked to school, school started at 9:00 today instead of 8:15. All the parents stayed in the room with the kids, the teachers talked first to the parents and children together. Then we split up, the children went outside to play and the parents stayed in the room with the other teacher. (The class room had two teachers who work together all day.) Then the parents went to the aditorium to hear about the parent teacher club. The children went in the class and learned the some information on the letter A. They did some other stuff too. We are met back together and talked about parking and all the paper work that needs to be filled out. Then we were on our way home. It was a hot walk home, I might end up driving to pick her up until it cools down some. Tomorrow will be a normal day, 8:15 to 11:35. Today is was only 9:00 to 11:00. I know that tomorrow will be very different. Madison loves her teachers and has already made a couple of friends. I think it will be a good day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Plan Vs God's Plan

I attended a woman's conference at church tonight that focused on the fruits of the spirit. I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me developing these characteristics but the one I feel I need the most is patience. In fact I have a picture in my bathroom with the fruits of the spirits on it so while I'm sitting it there I can remind myself what I am trying to reach toward. Patience always jumps out at me. I need patience with my daughter but where I really need it is in following God's plan for my life. I pray and pray that God will show me what to do with my life, show me a glimpse of the plan he has in store for me. With Madison starting school I think, OK what am I going to do now? I'm I really supposed to stay at home all day, what do I need to do? I found my answer tonight at the conference. On the subject of patience the speaker passed this message on to me with three pounds weights. While we wait for God to give us the next piece of the plan we wait, we could change the wait to weights. You need to do a wait workout. Then she said maybe you could really do a weight workout. When I heard it I said that's it. While I'm waiting to see what's next I need to literally workout. It was something I had thought about doing but thought is devoting myself to working out for a year or whatever time limit. Is that really a good use of time? Yes if getting fit is the first step of the plan. After I reach that goal another step will be revealed. Step one involves taking care of myself and getting in shape to do the next step.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Baby's Growing Up

This morning was complaining about her tooth, she said that it felt like something was sticking on it. I looked in her mouth and I didn't see anything. I went and babysat for my sister in law and as we were leaving Madison said that her tooth felt weird again. "I'll look at it when we get home," I told her. We got home and checked the mail to see if the letter from school had arrived. "YES, it's here." I riped open the envelope, mornings. She got the room that I wanted which makes me happy and I am glad that we got mornings so we can still do stuff after she gets out of school. We will still be able to go the zoo or whatever after school gets out. I had requested mornings when I registered her but later requested a certain teacher who would be teaching afternoons. Later I thought, why did I request the afternoon it will be crazy with her going in the afternoons.
A few hours pass and we sit down to watch a movie and she says, "mom my tooth is lose and I think I am to lose a tooth." I'm think that she just wanted to lose a tooth because her cousin has been talking about when she lost her teeth. I told her come over here and let me see. Sure enough one of the teeth on the bottom right in front is lose. It's pretty wiggly. Now I'm thinking a week or so ago I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she asked what we had that was soft. I think the tooth has been lose for awhile. SO stay tuned for the soon to come, I lost my first tooth picture. It is kind of hitting me now that my little baby girl is growing up. It's exciting, yet I still feel a little sad. I don't know if that is quite it, sad that is. I'm thinking, "where did the time go?" I'm looking forward to all the big girl stuff; making friends at school, losing teeth, learning to tie shoes, learning to read and all papers she will bring home from school showing her progress.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Babysitting Grant

Madison being the big helper while we watched her cousin Grant. Madison had lots of fun being the big help even though she doesn't know much about babies. Why is he doing this or that? What is he saying. Why does he keep rolling over and laying on my leg? He was being a little cuddle bug.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Self Portrait

Here I am for all of you who miss my smiling face.
I also want to let you know that I changed my settings to recieved comments from anyone, you no longer need to have a blogger account to leave me a message. (so mom you can comment on any post you want)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Thousand Thanks for All you Do!

A salute to America's military children. A couple from church send me information to request a letter be sent to your child thanking them for their parents role in the military and also thanking the child as well, signed with a cartoon character. I send out the request and didn't know what to except. We received the letter today and Madison was so excited to receive mail from Scooby Doo and the Gang. She wants to write Scooby back and tell him about her dad and her life. How cute.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Rainbow Shirt

A friend from church gave Madison this shirt and she loves it. All I can say is it's bright!